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Abdallah Abdelhamid

Operations Associate
Abdallah Abdelhamid

Originally hailing from Fresno, CA, Abdallah comes from a closely knit valley community that emphasized the importance of being a public servant. Coming from a family of teachers, he entered the classroom treasuring the opportunity to challenge ideas, grow multi-dimensionally, and ultimately be a better global steward. Growing up in the post-9/11 era as a first-generation Arab-American, he experienced firsthand the importance of nurturing a safe and inclusive school environment from an early age.

Abdallah was blessed enough to have his educators sharpen his poise in the face of islamophobia. His close first-generation and K-12 peers honed in on problem-posing education as they perceived many gaps in the current banking style of education, including the lack of tools provided as personal battles with mental health matured. This encouraged Abdallah to substitute at Sunday schools, aid the settlement of refugees, and coach track and field. He tutored economic literacy and studied financial statements, all in the name of helping others persevere, understand, and plan.

When Abdallah moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, he spent three years growing his knowledge of operational efficiency and financial reporting in SaaS before being driven back to the field of education by a deep-seated understanding that self-care is community care. With that understanding, Abdallah decided to develop his career in operations in a more purposeful context at Wayfinder.

Abdallah holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Fresno State, and he holds his nieces even tighter. He spends arguably too much time with account reconciliations, but makes up for it by avidly reading, discovering music, and playing chess.

“My purpose is to equip those less fortunate with the tools conducive to their growth, not just as students or leaders, but as people. I step into that purpose with compassion and curiosity, ensuring that all have the space to safely thrive, play, and learn.”

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