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Claire Eisenbaum

Curriculum + Training Designer
Claire Eisenbaum

Claire is a graduate student, youth developer, passionate educator, outdoor enthusiast, and mother. She started her career in experiential education, spending over four years leading wilderness-based leadership expeditions all over North America as a National Outdoor Leadership School faculty member. The experience was foundational to her beliefs that education can be transformational, that learning happens from reflecting on experience, and that learning communities where everyone can show up as their authentic self are essential.

She shifted into youth development and spent three years at Summer Search, a mentoring organization committed to empowering young people to discover their purpose through experiential summer learning and post-secondary support. At Summer Search, Claire mentored high school students and co-designed and piloted a school-based group mentoring model that encourages mentees to question their contexts and develop efficacy to challenge oppressive systems. 

The more Claire worked in and with schools, the more she wanted to be part of them. She taught middle school science in Dorchester, MA and got acquainted with the highs and lows of classroom teaching: the potential for deep connection and impact, as well as the limitations created by a long list of teacher responsibilities. These experiences reinforced her desire to create curricula that empower educators with thoughtful resources to build meaningful relationships and unlock students’ innate curiosity, creativity, and desire to learn.

She has been on a quest to bring the transformational elements of experiential education into classrooms everywhere and has found that opportunity at Wayfinder. 

Claire holds a B.A. in Psychology from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and is graduating from Boston University with a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching in May, 2022. She spends her free time playing with her son, hiking, biking, skiing, camping, and enjoying any other activity she can in Vermont’s outdoor playground. 

My purpose is to create learning experiences that provide students with the opportunity to make essential discoveries about themselves and the world around them. 

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