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Disney Williams

Program Lead, Tribal Schools
Disney Williams

Disney (she/her) is Tsimshian of the Ganhada (Raven) clan from Metlakatla, Alaska. She is a lifelong gender-based violence prevention practitioner and Indigenous education advocate.

With a vision of dismantling hegemonic systems in favor of equitable frameworks, Disney’s journey into the education field stems from her pursuit to eradicate gender-based violence in Native communities. After finishing her undergraduate degree, Disney provided direct support to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska and worked with youth in evidence-based violence prevention programs, such as “Athletes As Leaders” and “Coaching Boys Into Men” in San Luis Obispo County, California. Disney has since integrated her passion for preventing violence with supporting healthy transitions to adulthood among Native students through culturally affirming activities and healing-centered approaches.

As the Rural Youth Engagement Fellow in the Alaska Fellows Program, Disney visited schools throughout Southeast Alaska to identify opportunity gaps faced by Native students. Afterward, she worked as the Program Coordinator for a K5 initiative called the Tlingit Culture, Language, and Literacy program, assisting educators in repatriating Tlingit values and language. Upon recognizing that social-emotional well-being is paramount to postsecondary success, Disney began working with superintendents and school counselors to build equitable support systems for middle and high school Alaska Native students across eight school districts in the Haa Latseen Initiative, a culturally responsive college and career readiness program. 

Disney continues to work with gender-based violence prevention programs, co-authoring the updated “Athletes As Leaders” sexual violence prevention program for high school athletes. She received her B.A. in Feminist Studies from Stanford University in 2012 and will receive her M.A. in Indigenous Education from Arizona State University. In her free time, Disney is hiking and camping throughout Tlingit Aaní with her dogs, Smoke E. Bear and Kash, playing indoor volleyball, or bedazzling costume pieces for themed gatherings. 

"My purpose is to increase opportunities for Native youth to cultivate resilience while staying grounded in their tribal identities to confidently and safely navigate their lives and relationships."

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