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Marwa Mommandi

Outreach Coordinator
Marwa Mommandi

Marwa’s career in education began as a high school senior teaching English to newly arrived immigrants and refugees. She then went on to pursue a neuroscience degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder, with minors in business and leadership. Post-graduation, she returned to education as a K-12 tutor.

Additionally, Marwa has gained professional experience in a congresswoman’s office and in the tech industry. These experiences have enabled her to strengthen her outreach abilities, refine her communications, and further the causes she is passionate about. 

As a first-generation Afghan-American Muslim woman, Marwa has always aimed to prioritize serving underserved populations and helping people however possible. At university, she researched the intersection of the brain and the gut, motivation, and potential treatments for Parkinson’s disease while simultaneously discovering a passion for business through her minor. Wayfinder offered a way to harness her interest in business to pursue her desire to help others. 

In her free time, Marwa likes to weight lift, go for hikes, spend time with friends, read, and bake. 

"My purpose is to passionately contribute to meaningful causes and ultimately ignite positive waves of change for generations to come."

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