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Matthew Paupore

Account Executive
Matthew Paupore

Matt began his professional career in Education in Eden Prairie, MN as a 5th grade teacher and then his travels took him to one of the largest school districts in the country, the School District of Palm Beach County, FL.  While in FL, he continued his quest to inspire students not only as a 3rd and 4th gr teacher, but also as an Assistant Principal.

Matt's journey to Education was not one he thought he was destined to be involved in.  HIs first love was flying and he had set out to follow in his Father's footsteps to become a commercial Pilot.  While he enjoyed his journey in becoming a pilot, he knew something was missing and was not as fulfilling as he had thought it would be.  As the son of an Educator, he decided to enter the realm of trying to change lives through the power of teaching and learning.

As we know here at Wayfinder, everyone's journey in life is different and it is not a linear experience.  Matt's journey led him to the business side of Education after he served his students, staff, and community in the school setting for over 10 years.  He has been helping districts find the resources they are looking for in order to help them achieve the desired results they are looking for.

Matt holds a Bachelors in Elementary Education from the University of North Dakota and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Lynn University.  He loves to spend as much time outside as possible, whether it's playing golf, running, taking beach walks, or simply walking his dog.

"My purpose is to help schools and districts find the resources they are looking for so they are not only meeting the needs of all their students, but all of their stakeholders because schools play a vital role within the heartbeat of a community."

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