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Nicole Germanov

Director of Operations + HR
Nicole Germanov

Nicole is passionate about seeing young people grow, find themselves, and connect with their communities. Nicole came to Project Wayfinder following a decade of work in partnership with the refugee and immigrant populations of the Bay Area, where she was managing mentorship and after-school programs for youth at the community-based non-profit, Refugee and Immigrant Transitions. There, she witnessed firsthand the transformative power of purpose in the lives of young people. Nicole has also worked in initial refugee resettlement services at the International Rescue Committee in Oakland, CA and was elected to serve on the steering committee for the East Bay Refugee and Immigrant Forum.

Nicole is a Bay Area native. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics with an international concentration from UC Santa Cruz, and a master’s degree in International and Multicultural Education from the University of San Francisco, where she wrote her thesis on the experience of the minority female students at Oakland International High School, a public school serving low-income newcomers. Nicole is an avid baker, fitness enthusiast, and a die-hard baseball fan. Go Dodgers!

“My purpose is to advocate for the communities that I am a part of; to see them, to hear them, to understand them, and to love them, while living as my most true self.”

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