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Sahil Singh Gill

Product Support Associate
Sahil Singh Gill

Sahil Singh Gill is devoted to providing the best customer service to enable teachers and students to achieve the highest academic results with the help of technology.

Sahil’s education started in a small school in New Delhi, India. Since age six, Sahil has been passionate about technology and its functions. He moved to California, USA at 13 and finished middle & high School in the States.

Currently, Sahil a junior at University of California, Berkeley, where he’s majoring in Economics. Sahil’s love for technology comes from his father, who was a computer teacher back in India. Wanting to use technology to serve his community, Sahil started his on-campus job as a Help Desk Dispatch Analyst in Berkeley’s Educational Tech Services (ETS) department. This job helped him enter the tech industry, and his interest grew from there. He is also currently a Notary Public for the State of California.

In his free time, Sahil likes to play badminton and go on hikes.

“My purpose is to reframe technology as a tool rather than a hurdle, and use that tool to improve the experience of pursuing higher education. ”

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