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Wayfinder K-12 Activity Library

700+ plug-and-play activities designed to increase student engagement and build healthy self-confidence. Prep time is 5 minutes or less + easily filter for what your students need.

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700 Quick + Fun SEL Activities To Uplift Your Classroom

Liven up your classrooms with engaging, energetic activities that can be done in as little as 5 minutes. The Wayfinder K-12 Activity Library makes it easy to bring fun SEL + Future-Ready Skills-based activities into any class with minimal prep time.

Why Our Schools Love The Wayfinder Activity Library:
Easy to Implement
The digital format makes it easy to integrate SEL + Life Skills content with any class
Minimal Prep Time
Plug + play activities require 5 minutes or less prep time and fit any schedule
Customizable Experience
700+ activities are easily filtered to customize the experience for their students

Deliver What Your Students Need

Find the right activity for your class in seconds. Choose from curated energizers, games, project ideas, journaling prompts, discussion questions, podcasts, videos, meditation recordings, and so much more. Interested in sample activities?

Activity Library

Run Activities With Essentials

Wayfinder Essentials comes with The Wayfinder Activity Library + Waypoints Student Assessment Tool. Check-in with students using each week with expert-designed questions and quickly respond with the right activities from the library.
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Supplement Wayfinder Core Lessons

Wayfinder Core is our comprehensive SEL lessons designed to be used every week. Deep dive into topics or energize students with extra activities in the library.
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“More laughter during advisory time than I have ever heard before.”
Becky Turner
Head of School
Sunnyvale Raynor Middle School
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New to SEL or looking to enhance your SEL program to better meet the needs of your students and staff? We’ve got you covered.

Our expert team is here to connect you with world-class training, and make implementation a breeze.

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