Wayfinder SEL Products

Explore our K-12 social and emotional learning products

District-Wide (K-12)

Learn more about Wayfinder’s Premier SEL products for Grades K-12

High School (9-12)

Teach students durable and future-ready skills they need for meaningful and purposeful lives

Middle School (6-8)

Build confidence + community and cultivate a sense of belonging

Elementary School (K-5)

Build self-awareness, empathy and other foundational interpersonal skills

MTSS Counselor Package

Wayfinder's research-backed tools are ideal for Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions

Assessment Suite

Track student well-being, receive automatic activity recommendations, and measure student progress

Adult SEL (PD)

10 expert-led sessions to reinvigorate and re-focus your admins, teachers, and staff

Purposeful Leadership

Empowers students to become tomorrow's leaders by uncovering their personal strengths and teaching them how to positively impact the world around them