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Support Students at Every MTSS Tier

Wayfinder’s research-backed tools are designed for all tiers of intervention. Our all-in-one platform monitors growth, saves time, and provides in-the-moment feedback, so you can focus on helping all students thrive.

MTSS Pyramid
Student and teacher talking
Headshot of Kelsey Jaeckel
“Wayfinder is the best SEL curriculum I have used in the 10 years I have been a school counselor. The content of the lessons and activities is modern, up-to-date, and super relevant to today's youth.”
Kelsey Jaeckel
K-12 Licensed School Counselor, Sisters School District

Respond to Students' Needs With Targeted Instruction

Access content that aligns to all tiers of intervention to help your students build future-ready skills. Give educators the resources they need by customizing which tiers of content they can access based on their role or responsibilities.

Tier 1

Deliver whole-class instruction with Wayfinder’s Tier 1 Core Curriculum, available for grades K-12. Supplement instruction with activities from our Activity Library + curated or custom Collections that align with the needs of your whole class.

Tier 2

Support students in small-group instruction with activities and supporting resources designed specifically for Tier 2 intervention. Choose curated scopes + sequences by grade band that address common areas of intervention, or quickly use filters to create your own that best support the needs of your small group.

Tier 3

Provide 1-on-1 intervention with our intentionally designed Tier 3 activities. Meet the needs of individual students with Wayfinder-recommended or custom scopes + sequences with activities that address common areas of intervention.

Assess Student Growth With Our Powerful Assessment Suite

Waypoints Summative Assessment
Summative Assessments

Understand students’ areas of strength and growth across six Core Skills with summative assessments. Administer assessments at the beginning, middle (optional), and end of the school year to determine a student’s baseline and analyze skill growth over time.

Waypoints Formative Assessment
Formative Assessments

Track student progress on six Core Skills with ready-made or custom formative assessments. Administer these assessments at regular intervals that align with your data collection or intervention process between summative assessments.

Activity Library with MTSS filter
Data-Driven Instruction

Analyze data from summative + formative assessments to inform instruction. Browse for relevant activities or view Wayfinder recommended activities that promote skill-building across Tiers 1, 2, and 3.

Boost Your MTSS Process With Wayfinder

Supplementary Resources

Access supporting documents, checklists, forms, and more that help to streamline your MTSS process.

PD + Implementation

Wayfinder is here to help you navigate your MTSS process with comprehensive trainings, implementation guides, ongoing support + coaching, and professional learning opportunities.

Package Options

Comprehensive Dashboard
Best for whole-school implementation

Wayfinder Comprehensive

Wayfinder access for teachers, counselors, and support staff
Tier 1, 2, and 3 lessons + activities
Activity Library + Collections with supplemental resources
Assessment suite to support data-driven decision making
Counselor Dashboard
Best for counselor implementation

Wayfinder for Counselors

Wayfinder access for counselors + support staff
Tier 1, 2, and 3 lessons + activities
Activity Library + Collections with supplemental resources
Assessment suite to support data-driven decision making

Get to Know Our Six Core Skills

Learn more about how Wayfinder can help you understand your student's strengths and abilities.

Download Sample Tier 2 + 3 Activities
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