Why Wayfinder
What Students Learn

Our SEL + Life Readiness Solutions Support Students to Develop Skills for Purposeful Lives


We Help Schools Navigate the Demanding Needs of the 21st Century

Schools are not one-size-fits-all — each school’s culture, staff, and student body are unique. All our curriculum is designed to support students, build critical life readiness skills, and bolster self-esteem.

Feel confident knowing you’re supporting your students and community with skills that will matter long after class — like how to make good decisions, college + job readiness, and building healthy self-confidence.
Wayfinder Delivers In Key Areas:
Gives students the tools to lead lives of purpose & belonging at school + beyond
Prepares students for life after high school with lessons focused on college and job readiness
Teaches students critical life skills like making good decisions + building healthy self esteem
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Wayfinder Skills At a Glance
Our curriculum and activities are developmentally appropriate and designed to boost student engagement at all grade levels. Explore below to get a glimpse of what Wayfinder has to offer.
Glimpse of what is offered

Elementary School:
Grades K-5

Developing positive relationships
Improving listening skills + social awareness
Naming + identifying emotions

Middle School:
Grades 6-8

Making healthy + responsible decisions
Resolving conflicts constructively
Creating spaces of trust + friendship

High School:
Grades 9-12

Recognizing strengths within ourselves
Resisting negative social pressure
Fostering + acting on our purpose

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