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Wayfinder’s 6 Core Skills

Wayfinder’s research-backed six Core Skills go beyond typical SEL competencies to incorporate future-ready skills in order to connect classroom learning to the real world.

The 6 Core Skills for
Future-Ready Students

Wayfinder’s research-backed Core Skills go beyond typical SEL competencies to incorporate meaning-making, critical thinking, and future-ready skills in order to connect classroom learning to the real world. They align with CASEL's evidence-based SEL framework.
You understand yourself on many levels, from how you function to what nourishes and sustains you.
CASEL Alignment: Self-Awareness
You are willing to try again when you make mistakes and are comfortable navigating uncertain situations with flexibility and openness.
CASEL Alignment: Self-Management
You are in tune with the feelings and needs of others and willing to act for a common good.
CASEL Alignment: Relationship Skills
You are a relationship-builder who actively partners with others and facilitates belonging efforts across communities.
CASEL Alignment: Social Awareness
You understand the value of your voice and seek opportunities to support and advance your communities.
CASEL Alignment: Responsible Decision Making
Your decisions and interactions with the world are guided by a deep connection to your values.

Putting SEL to Work

Co-authored by Wayfinder and Roadtrip Nation, our new white paper, Putting SEL To Work, examines what industry and research tell us will be critical, durable skills for the future and applies it to our classrooms.

Preparing students for what comes next starts now—it's time to put SEL to work. 

“Durable human skills are precisely the skills that technology cannot displace and are critical to creating positive work environments."
V. Scott H. Solberg, PhD
Vice President for Research, Coalition for Career Development Center
Professor, Boston University Center for Future Readiness
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Our intuitive SEL assessment tool organizes student insights in one easy-to-use place — the Wayfinder app. View class performance for each core skill with beautifully designed graphs.
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