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The Premier K-12 Social Emotional Learning + Life Readiness Solution

Support your students with robust year-long curriculum, 500+ anytime activities, and a responsive student check-in

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Wayfinder’s comprehensive solution includes curriculum, assessment and training.

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Foster Community + Empowerment At Your School

Wayfinder gives you the power to prioritize belonging and ignite purpose among your students and teachers. Build a connected community with Wayfinder lessons and discover a total shift in student engagement and outlook.

Take Action on Powerful Student Insights

Have a 360° view—easily see where students are excelling, and quickly address areas where they need extra help. Our intuitive assessment tool and responsive activity library make it simple to address student demonstrated need.

Transform + Strengthen Your School’s Culture

Take control and build a stronger and healthier culture at your school. Our team of experts is here for you with gold-standard service and wrap-around support. New to district-wide SEL? Don’t worry—you’re in the right hands.

Introducing Waypoints by Wayfinder

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Check in on your students’ well-being on the Wayfinder App:

  • View real-time data on the dashboard feature
  • Follow up with suggested activities from the Wayfinder activity library
  • Quickly respond to your students based on demonstrated need

Wayfinder is used in hundreds of school districts nationwide

Why Choose Wayfinder?

Students using Wayfinder explore their identity, develop who they are, connect with their peers, build strong classroom communities, and discover their purpose.

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