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Elementary School

Play-Based SEL Designed by Educators

Every Wayfinder lesson is prototyped + vetted by teachers before it’s released — that’s how we know we offer the very best in K-5 curriculum.

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Interactive Workbooks Students Can't Wait to Use

Designed to meet the developmental needs of learners at each grade level, Wayfinder workbooks build critical skills through art + writing activities students love.
Elementary workbooks

6 Years of Research-Backed Lessons With Little Prep


Students understand + manage their feelings and act with care when engaging in movement and play.

1st Grade

Students explore what it means to listen and cooperate with others by working and playing together.

2nd Grade

Students understand themselves + their impact on others by exploring powerful feelings and important relationships.

3rd Grade

Students build independence, understand themselves, and explore what is meaningful to them.

4th Grade

Students create belonging by exploring similarities and differences to help them make sense of the world at large.

5th Grade

Students develop leadership skills by exploring personal strengths and passions.

Get to Know Our Products

Learn how Wayfinder’s flexible products and curriculum can support your elementary school students.

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Meghan Cobb
“We do Wayfinder every Monday, and when we don’t do it they are begging for it! It’s a really beautiful, beautiful time.”
Meghan Cobb
Teton Lower School Faculty + Division Coordinator, Jackson Hole, WY

All About Our Elementary Curriculum

Watch this quick video to zoom in on what makes our K-5 curriculum different.

SEL for Classroom + Community Engagement

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Collections Tailored to K-5

With our curated Collections, schools can address specific concerns and interests on their campuses — like bullying, restorative practices, and executive functioning.

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Activities for Any Timeframe

Fun, lightweight activities teachers can plug-and-play
The perfect solution for quick, no-prep lessons ranging from 2 to 20 minutes
Over 1000 activities for use in classes, extracurriculars, and student intervention + support

Make Data-Driven Decisions With Our Powerful Assessment Suite

Monitor ongoing student wellness
Measure student growth across our six CASEL-aligned skills
View student data at the individual, class, grade, and site level
Deliver timely + effective instruction or interventions with our data-driven recommendations
Counselor Dashboard

Support Every Tier of Intervention in One Platform

Make MTSS simple, responsive, and effective with Wayfinder’s all-in-one platform. Between our comprehensive assessment suite and specially designed, research-backed resources for Tier 1 instruction and Tier 2 + 3 interventions, educators and counselors can easily assess students’ skills, respond with targeted instruction, and monitor their growth.

Tier 1

Universal supports

tier 2

Small group intervention

tier 3

1-on-1 intervention

Wayfinder Brings Play + Connection to All Parts of Your Day

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Community Circle
Cooperative Lessons, Relationship-Building
students at a whiteboard
Academic Classes
Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science
student drawing a butterfly
Extracurriculars + Specials
Art, Music, Phys Ed, Clubs, Sports
students playing with blocks
Support + Intervention
Counseling, MTSS, Student Wellness Centers

Comprehensive Lessons to Build Empathy + Compassion

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Develop self-awarenessImprove body awareness to help students address their needs and respect others’ space
Build healthy self-esteem + strong relationship skillsHelp students communicate clearly, understand their strengths, and maintain friendships
Students notice, identify, and regulate their emotionsUse play-based activities to teach strategies for responding to strong emotions