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In head-to-head competitions, schools choose Wayfinder 4 out of 5 times

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5 Reasons School Districts Choose Wayfinder Over Other SEL Solutions

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Reason 1

Students Love Wayfinder

Most SEL products receive poor feedback from students, but students love Wayfinder because it's designed with their input.

Wayfinder's curriculum is co-designed with students: we cover relevant and pressing topics like social media and entrepreneurship in fun and relatable ways.
Because Wayfinder is one of the only SEL providers that started with high school before expanding to lower grades, we know how to make SEL relevant and engaging for even the most hard-to-reach students.
Wayfinder gets students excited about their futures with lessons that teach durable, in-demand career skills and encourage career exploration through a partnership with Roadtrip Nation.
Reason 2

Our Simple Interface Makes Implementation Easy

Leave behind the headaches and disappointments of your legacy SEL platforms.

Wayfinder's interface is modeled after the digital products you use and love most, making navigation easy and intuitive.
Our product was originally designed at the Stanford d.school and continues to be led by a world-class team with direct experience using tech tools in the classroom.
Merge Wayfinder seamlessly into existing systems thanks to LTI integration with all major Learning Management Systems like Canvas, Google Classroom, and Schoology.
Reason 3

Industry-Best Training and Support

Our goal is to provide the best professional development your school has ever experienced. 

In 2021, our customers rated Wayfinder's professional development a 4.8/5.
Every Wayfinder partner school receives a dedicated school success coach to support rollout and ensure satisfaction.
Wayfinder's lightning-fast support team responds to your inquiries in as little as 3 minutes.
Our support team includes innovative educators, district-level administrators, counselors, and licensed mental health professionals at the top of their fields with over 450 years of experience.
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Reason 4

Flexible Options for All Schools and Schedules

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions that don't address your district's needs.

Find time for SEL no matter your schedule with activities and lessons ranging from 1-60 minutes in length.
Design a custom implementation plan with your dedicated school success coach to fit your school schedule.
Our innovative and proprietary algorithm provides targeted content suggestions tailored for your
students and their needs.
Reason 5

Developed in Partnership With the World's Leading Experts

Incubated at the Stanford d.school K12 Lab, Wayfinder has been validated by leading experts in K-12 education and purpose development.

Wayfinder's research advisory council includes leading experts in the field of SEL and human development including Dr. Bill Damon, the Director of the Stanford Center on Adolescence, author Emily Esfahani Smith, and Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, Founder of the Center for Human Potential.  
Every Wayfinder lesson is prototyped and vetted by teachers and students prior to being released. Last year alone our lessons were prototyped over 1000 times across the country.
Wayfinder regularly conducts third-party program evaluations with leading researchers to test and validate the efficacy of our program.