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Testimonials from Wayfinder Partners

Explore how Wayfinder elevates educators' impact on students in schools + districts nationwide.

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Our educators have spoken, and they love that Wayfinder is:

+ Flexible for teachers and leaders
+ Curated for students in 2024
+ Easy to plan, effortless to prep
+ User-friendly on our app in physical workbooks
+ Data-informed, research-backed

See for yourself in this quick video from real Wayfinder users.

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District Leader Testimonials

Wayfinder works alongside district leaders to implement their communities' vision of student success. Hear directly from district leaders using Wayfinder below to learn more about their experience and the impact of our work together.

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

LaTrayl Adams is the Director of Social Emotional Learning and Restorative Practices at Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. Wayfinder stood out to her team as the right program for their students because it engages and lands with older students—something that had been impossible to find with other programs.

Watch how Wayfinder supports 81 schools and over 54,000 students in the fourth-largest school district in North Carolina.

LaTrayl Adams
“What makes Wayfinder different? The people. They feel like they are on our team... they're as invested in our students succeeding, our team succeeding, and our school district succeeding [as we are]. That's not something you get with other companies.”
LaTrayl Adams
Director of SEL + Restorative Practices
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
Principal at Maria Carrillo High School

Portland Public Schools

Dr. Jill Bryant is the Assistant Director of Social and Emotional Learning at Portland Public Schools. Portland Public Schools chose Wayfinder not only for the support it offers students but also to foster staff and school community. Watch how Wayfinder supports 80 schools and over 40,000 students in the largest school district in Oregon.

Jill Bryant headshot
"Wayfinder stood out as a program that is easy for our teachers to use, required little prep time, and centered skills + compentencies we wanted our students to be doing."
Dr. Jill Bryant
Assistant Director of Social + Emotional Learning
Portland Public Schools
Principal at Maria Carrillo High School

Omaha Public Schools

Jenn Walker is the School Counseling Administrator at Omaha Public Schools. Wayfinder was chosen for our quick and easy implementation, which allows educators to teach important lessons and topics with minimal prep time. Watch how Wayfinder supports 87 schools and over 52,000 students in the largest school district in Nebraska.

Jenn Walker headshot
“Members of the Wayfinder team are former educators, so they really understand the system that they’re working with. They understand some of the roadblocks we might come up with, and they’re creative in knowing how to work around those roadblocks. They might have good ways of connecting with teachers and principals that even I don’t have as a district administrator. That has been really helpful."
Jenn Walker
School Counseling Administrator
Omaha Public Schools
Principal at Maria Carrillo High School
Wayfinder in Action

Norman Public Schools

“It fits well with our strategic plan’s focus on post-secondary success and college + career readiness because it does focus on those 21st century workforce-ready skills.”

Beth Whittle
Prevention Services Coordinator
Norman Public Schools

School Leader + Educator Testimonials

Wayfinder partners with PreK-12 schools to foster belonging, purpose, and future-ready skills for students. See what teachers and leaders have to say about Wayfinder below!
Aran Levasseur headshot
“Transformational. So much of school for students is about carrots and sticks, but the Wayfinder curriculum underscores the Why. It is a powerful counterbalancing force and breath of fresh air for students to have the time and space in school to figure out who they are and what they care about.”
Aran Levasseur
Innovation Lead + Humanities Faculty
San Domenico School
Headshot of Kelsey Jaeckel
“Wayfinder is the best SEL curriculum I have used in the 10 years I have been a school counselor. The content of the lessons and activities is modern, up-to-date, and super relevant to today's youth.”
Kelsey Jaeckel
K-12 Licensed School Counselor
Sisters School District
Xiomara Pescador headshot
"Wayfinder gave me that freedom to cut and paste and create from the different activities that they provide. It just made it so much easier. The activities that I did helped me create the connections that I have with them now.”
Xiomara Pescador
Bronx Envision Academy
Wayfinder in Action

Neighborhood House Charter

“Our teachers feel comfortable with Wayfinder. They love the curriculum. They love the activities. And they see the impact.”

Leona Watson-Erilus
Assistant Principal
Neighborhood House Charter School
Image of Becky Turner, Head of School at Sunnyvale Raynor Middle School
“More laughter during advisory time than I have ever heard before.”
Becky Turner
Head of School
Sunnyvale Raynor Middle School
Dianna Labate Headshot
“Wayfinder is truly transformative—beyond a curriculum. It fosters a profound sense of belonging in school communities and the world.”
Dianna Labate
Adviser, HS Programs + former HS Wayfinder Teacher
Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Headshot of Aaron Chavez
“Waypoints is a real adaptive learning tool: it analyzes data and then suggests the right activity so that you can connect with your students.”
Aaron Sanchez
Social Science Teacher
McKenney Intermediate School
Headshot of John Gasko
“Wayfinder helps teachers and students navigate both their inner and outer lives through an elegantly designed, research-based portfolio of curriculum, activities, and assessments that are the simply the best I have ever encountered."
John Gasko
Chief Social Emotional Learning Officer
Uplift Education
Read his complete reflection on Wayfinder here
Principal at Maria Carrillo High School
Wayfinder in Action

Cambridgeport Elementary

“One thing that’s really important to me as a classroom teacher is building community. Wayfinder gave me strategies, tools, and the outline and order for me to do that.”

Jennifer Martin
4th Grade Teacher at Cambridgeport Elementary School
Wayfinder students
Partner Video Playlist

Why do our partners love Wayfinder? Ease of use, minimal prep time, and engaging, research-backed content are just some of the reasons. Hear directly from school teams on our YouTube Channel.