Get Everything Your District Needs With Wayfinder SEL

Our innovative K-12 solutions give your students the skills they need to navigate life successfully—in school and beyond

The Most Relevant + Flexible SEL Solution Available

Improve school community + well-being

Our Core Curriculum and Activity Library give your students and staff what they need, when they need it

Easily integrate SEL with academics

Customizable lessons + flexible implementation options make Wayfinder easy to work into any schedule

Prepare your students for post-secondary success

Students build evergreen, employable skills to help them thrive in the college, career, and life paths of their choosing

Target your district’s specific needs

Curated Collections help you address specific concerns like stress management, job readiness, anti-bullying, and more

Creating Motivated, Self-Aware + Engaged Students

Wayfinder Collections

Learning That Fits Your Schools’ Needs

With our curated Collections, schools keep their SEL instruction personalized and relevant by addressing the specific concerns and interests on their campuses,
such as

Digital Citizenship
job skills
mental health
Wayfinder's Activity Library

Activity Library

Quick, Fun, Lightweight Activities
Over 1000 PreK-12 activities for use in classes, extracurriculars, and student intervention + support
Active, engaging + developmentally appropriate activities support students to set + reach their goals, build healthy classroom environments, and explore their communities
A variety of fun games, videos, and project ideas to get your students moving and thinking
Post-secondary + career exploration for middle + high school students through partnership with Roadtrip Nation

Core Curriculum

13 Years of Research-Backed Lessons With Little Prep
Elementary School

Students build foundational competencies as self-aware and collaborative learners.

Middle School

Students foster belonging in their classrooms, campuses, and communities

High School

Students identify values, develop purpose, and build durable skills for post-grad success

Assess Impact + Track Secondary Students' Well-Being

Ongoing student wellness monitoringlets you easily view student data at the individual, class, grade, and site level for middle and high schools
Pre-and post- assessmentshelp you examine Wayfinder's impact over the year
Dynamic activity recommendationsbased on the real-time needs and interests of students
Teachers at a Wayfinder training

World Class, Year-Round Support Ensures Successful Implementation

Hundreds of satisfied educators rate our trainings 5/5
Quick + easy initial training gets your staff energized and ready to implement
On-demand tech support and flexible training options offer every partner a customized experience

Wayfinder Strengthens Your District in 3 Key Areas

School-Wide Belonging

Wayfinder’s curriculum has been proven to increase belonging. Our districts see increased student engagement, improved relationships, and a reduction in behavioral interventions.

Purposeful Students

Students with purpose have improved academic self-efficacy and self-regulation. The result? Driven, resilient students intrinsically motivated by their own personal goals.

Durable Skills

Wayfinder’s Core Skills go beyond typical SEL competencies to incorporate meaning-making, critical thinking, and future-ready skills to connect classroom learning to the real world.

6 Ways to Integrate Wayfinder in Your School

Student sitting cross-legged
Cooperative Lessons, Counseling
Core Classes
English, History, Math, Science
Enrichment Classes, Sports Teams
Electives + Specials
Art, Music, PE
Support + Intervention
Counseling, MTSS, Student Wellness Centers
College + Career Prep
Career + Leadership Development
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