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K-12 Core Lessons

SEL Curriculum Designed for Future-Ready Skills

Wayfinder offers 13 years of vertically aligned, research-backed curriculum to enliven learning and help students build social-emotional competencies and future-ready skills.

Our lessons are evidence-based, research-backed, and proven to help students grow more purposeful and engaged

Research-Backed Lessons

13 Years of Lessons With Less Then 5 Minutes of Prep
Exploring Feelings + Actions
1st grade
Caring for Ourselves + Others
2nd Grade
Growing + Understanding Ourselves
3rd Grade
Creating Connections + Fostering Curiosity
4th Grade
Building Confidence + Community
5th Grade
Building Empowered + Engaged Leaders
6th grade
Belonging Foundations
7th grade
Belonging 1: Self
8th Grade
Belonging 2: Community
9th grade
Belonging 3: Action
10th grade
Purpose 1: Self
11th grade
Purpose 2: Community
12th grade
Purpose 3: Action
Core now available in Spanish

Elementary School Core Lessons

Play-based SEL for foundational skill-building
20 lessons per year, 20 minutes per lesson
Available as a series of engaging print workbooks

Middle School Core Lessons

Designed to build belonging, an essential piece of middle school culture
26 lessons per year, 30 minutes per lesson
Available digitally and in print
Wayfinder Core Lessons

High School Core Lessons

Prepares your students for post-secondary success
23 lessons per year, 30 minutes per lesson
Available digitally and in print
An infographic showing Wayfinder's six CASEL-aligned core skills: self-awareness, adaptability, empathy, collaboration, agency, and purpose

Wayfinder's Six Core Skills for K-12

Wayfinder's research-backed Core Skills go beyond typical SEL competencies to incorporate meaning-making, critical thinking, and future-ready skills in order to connect classroom learning to the real world. They align with CASEL's evidence-based SEL framework.

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