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SEL Assessment Suite

Provide Timely + Effective Interventions

Use research-backed and peer-reviewed scales to measure skill growth and receive data-informed activity suggestions

Wayfinder's Core Skills

Grow the Core Skills Students Need to Thrive

Wayfinder’s assessment tools effectively track student growth in each of our CASEL-aligned Core Skill areas. Our algorithm analyzes data in real time and recommends relevant instruction in the areas your students need the most support.

A Multi-Use Assessment Suite for
Student Success

Waypoints Summative Assessment

Measure Core Skill Progress
Over Time

Administer 2-3 Times Per YearTrack student progress in self-awareness, adaptability, empathy, collaboration, agency, and purpose
Easily Review InsightsView student data at the individual, class, and site level
Plan Your Year With Instant Content SuggestionsWayfinder recommends activities to target instruction to the areas where students need the most support
Waypoints Formative Assessment

Effortless Progress Monitoring

Quickly Customize for Your NeedsChoose to focus on select Core Skills, and select questions from our robust question bank
Administer as NeededSet your own cadence for each formative assessment
Great for Counselors and MTSSEasily provide support for specific student groups
Waypoints for Grades 3-5

Developmentally Appropriate Questions and Interactions

Wayfinder's research-backed questions are tailored by grade band. At the elementary level, emojis help students process questions quickly and respond in less time.  

Activity Library

Respond With Tailored Activities

Wayfinder’s powerful algorithm recommends activities to target instruction to the areas where students need the most support

Headshot of Aaron Chavez
“Waypoints is a real adaptive learning tool: it analyzes data and then suggests the right activity so that you can connect with your students.”
Aaron Chavez
Social Science Teacher at McKenney Intermediate School
6 CASEL-aligned questions tap into student well-being each week
Easily deliver the right support to students based on Waypoints insights
Understand how your students are doing on a weekly basis