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Middle School

Build a Culture of Belonging

Our cutting-edge curriculum is designed to help middle schoolers understand and value themselves — and each other.

Middle school students
Moriah Weingrod
“With Wayfinder, our school is learning to build a community where students feel a sense of belonging and are really learning to be who they are.”
Moriah Weingrod
Dean of Students, Shorewood Intermediate School
Wayfinder Helps Middle Schoolers Thrive

Learn how this public middle school integrates Wayfinder’s SEL Belonging curriculum into their day to strengthen their school community and improve student outcomes.

3 Years of Powerful Lessons With Little Prep

Middle school workbooks and web app
6th Grade
Building connections through self-awareness and community
What matters to us and what are we good at?
What can we learn from emotions?
How can we consider our impact on others?
7th Grade
Understanding, valuing, and accepting ourselves
How can we best manage stress?
How can we productively work through a challenge?
How is belonging different than fitting in?
8th Grade
Understanding, valuing, and accepting each other
How can we take responsible risks?
How can we recharge when we feel overwhelmed?
Why are different perspectives important to belonging?

Tools to Make Middle School Meaningful

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Collections for Grades 6-8

With our curated Collections, schools can address middle school concerns and interests — like bullying, student voice, and executive functioning.

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Activities for Any Timeframe

Fun, lightweight activities teachers can plug-and-play
The perfect solution for quick, no-prep lessons ranging from 2 to 20 minutes
Thousands of activities for use in classes, extracurriculars, and student intervention + support

Make Data-Driven Decisions With Our Powerful Assessment Suite

Monitor ongoing student wellness
Measure student growth across our six CASEL-aligned skills
View student data at the individual, class, grade, and site level
Deliver timely + effective instruction or interventions with our data-driven recommendations
Counselor Dashboard

Support Every Tier of Intervention in One Platform

Make MTSS simple, responsive, and effective with Wayfinder’s all-in-one platform. Between our comprehensive assessment suite and specially designed, research-backed resources for Tier 1 instruction and Tier 2 + 3 interventions, educators and counselors can easily assess students’ skills, respond with targeted instruction, and monitor their growth.

Tier 1

Universal supports

tier 2

Small group intervention

tier 3

1-on-1 intervention

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Learn how Wayfinder’s flexible products and curriculum can support your elementary school students.

Wayfinder Brings Purpose + Meaning to All Parts of the Day

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Pre-Packaged Advisory Curriculum
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Academic Classes
English, Math, Science, Social Studies
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Extracurriculars + Specials
Art, Music, PE, Health, Sports, Clubs
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Support + Intervention
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