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Build a Culture of Belonging

Our cutting-edge curriculum is designed to build belonging, an essential piece of middle school culture

Middle school students

Our Middle School Product Includes:

Activity Library
Middle school-focused activities support students to build healthy classroom environments, and explore their communities
Core Curriculum

Customizable lessons + flexible implementation options make Wayfinder easy to work into any schedule

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Address specific concerns and interests, such as anti-bullying, social media, and time management


Assess impact, track well-being, and receive immediate content suggestions

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We ensure successful implementation with world-class, year-round support

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Middle School SEL Curriculum
Headshot photo of Moriah W. Shorewood
“With Wayfinder, our school is learning to build a community where students feel a sense of belonging and are really learning to be who they are.”
Moriah Weingrod
Dean of Students, Shorewood Intermediate School

What Students Learn

6th Grade
Building connections through self-awareness and community
What matters to me and what am I good at?
What can we learn from emotions?
How can we consider our impact on others?
7th Grade
Understanding, valuing, and accepting ourselves
How is belonging different than fitting in?
How can we productively work through a challenge?
How can we best manage stress?
8th Grade
Understanding, valuing, and accepting each other
Why are different perspectives important to belonging?
How can we recharge when we feel overwhelmed?
How can we take responsible risks?
Watch: Wayfinder Helps Middle Schoolers Thrive

Learn how this public middle school integrates Wayfinder’s SEL Belonging curriculum into their day to strengthen their school community and improve student outcomes.

Wayfinder is Designed For Use In:

Student sitting cross-legged
Cooperative Lessons, Counseling
Two students writing in a notebook
Academic Classes
English, Social Studies, Math, Science
Extracurriculars + Specials
Art, Music, PE, Clubs, Sports
Student with teacher
Support + Intervention
Counseling, MTSS, Student Wellness Centers
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Supporting Student Growth, Motivation, and Confidence

Students learn to understand, accept, and explore what's important to them, including their interests, strengths and areas for growth
Students promote confidence and motivation with support around goal setting and healthy habits
Students build strong communication skills as they collaborate with others and explore conflict resolution

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