Middle School

Build Belonging and Boost Learning

Support critical relationship building for supportive communities and confident learners

Comprehensive SEL for Campus-Wide Belonging

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Build Belonging and Boost Learning

Students learn to understand, accept, and explore what's important to them, including their interests, strengths and areas for growth
Students promote confidence and motivation with support around goal setting and healthy habits
Students build strong communication skills as they collaborate with others and explore conflict resolution

Wayfinder is Designed For Use In:

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Cooperative Lessons, Counseling
Academic Classes
English, History, Math, Science
Clubs, Sports Teams
Electives + Specials
Art, Music, PE
Support + Intervention
Counseling, MTSS, Student Wellness Centers

Our Middle School Product Includes:

Wayfinder's Activity Library

Activity Library

Quick, Fun, Lightweight Activities
Active + engaging games, videos, and project ideas help you add regular community-building to your daily routine
Hundreds of ideas to foster belonging on campus with zero materials or prep time needed
Middle school-focused activities support students to set + reach their goals, build healthy classroom environments, and explore their communities
Over 1000 activities for use in classes, advisory, extracurriculars, counseling + MTSS

Core Curriculum

3 Years of Research-Backed Lessons With Little Prep
6th Grade

Students build self-awareness through exploring their experiences, emotions, and actions. They explore their values, their emotions, and their ways of interacting with the world.

7th Grade

Students reflect on who they are, what matters to them, and their personal strengths and growth areas. They practice emotional awareness, goal setting, and responding to pressures + challenges.

8th Grade

Students develop relationships with others and foster a classroom community where every member can be their authentic selves. They deepen their abilities to foster inclusion, manage their relationships, and balance personal needs with community needs.

Wayfinder Collections

Learning That Fits Your Schools’ Needs

With our curated Collections, schools keep their SEL instruction personalized and relevant by addressing the specific concerns and interests on their campuses,
such as

social media literacy
time management

Assess Impact + Track Student Well-Being

Provide Timely and Effective Interventions
Ongoing student wellness monitoring easily viewable for individual students, classes, grade levels, and more
Pre- and post- assessments to examine Wayfinder’s impact over the year
Immediate Activity Library suggestions based on student data to support timely + effective interventions 
Teachers at a Wayfinder training

World Class, Year-Round Support

We Ensure Successful Implementation
Hundreds of satisfied educators rate our trainings 5/5
Quick + easy initial training gets your staff energized and ready to implement
On-demand tech support and flexible training options offer every partner a customized experience

“With Wayfinder, our school is learning to build a community where students feel a sense of belonging and are really learning to be who they are.”

Headshot photo of Moriah W. Shorewood
Moriah Weingrod
Dean of Students, Shorewood Intermediate School

Watch: Wayfinder Helps Middle Schoolers Thrive

Learn how this public middle school integrates Wayfinder’s SEL Belonging curriculum into their day to strengthen their school community and improve student outcomes.

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