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We have 13 full years of curriculum and 500+ plug and play activities designed to foster purpose, belonging, and resiliency

Curriculum Designed For Students to Thrive

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10 Minutes For SEL

Wayfinder activities are easy to implement and come in a variety of formats such as projects, journaling prompts, energizers, games, discussion questions, and classroom activities.
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We offer 20+ lessons sequenced for each grade level. The most common ways that educators use lessons are during advisory, or as a weekly standalone class.
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The Right Lessons to Support Your Students

Schools are not one-size-fits-all — each school’s culture, staff, and student body are unique. All our curriculum is designed to support students, build critical life readiness skills, and bolster self-esteem.

Feel confident knowing you’re supporting your students and community with skills that matter — like making good decisions, college + career readiness, and building healthy self-confidence.
Wayfinder Delivers In Key Areas:
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Gives students the tools to lead lives of purpose + belonging at school + beyond
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Prepares students for life after high school with lessons focused on college and career readiness
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Teaches students critical life skills like making good decisions + building healthy self-esteem
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Take Action on High School Student Insights
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Transform + Strengthen Your School’s Culture
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Prepare students for what’s next—at school and beyond.