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Relevant SEL for Today's High Schoolers

Wayfinder started with an exclusive focus on developing relevant, durable skills for high school students and continues to be an innovator in the space.

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Katie Barr
“Most high school SEL doesn't resonate because it's based off K-8 programs. But our high school students loved Wayfinder because it was designed around the themes and topics that matter most to them.”
Katie Barr
Principal at Maria Carrillo High School
Principal at Maria Carrillo High School

Wayfinder Students Are More Prepared for the Future


Increase in purpose post-implementation


As socially aware and engaged at school


More likely to feel confident about their futures

Teachers and Students Feel Well-Supported by Wayfinder

Hear Ann-Marie Walters, Assistant Principal at Buena Vista High School in Omaha, Nebraska talk about what her school loves about Wayfinder.

Wayfinder is Designed for Easy High School Implementation

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Collections That Fit Your Schools’ Needs

With our curated Collections, schools can address specific concerns and interests on their campuses — like post-secondary pathways, financial literacy, or social media conflicts.

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Activities for Any Timeframe

The perfect solution for quick, no-prep advisory lessons ranging from 2 to 20 minutes
Over 2000 activities for use in classes, extracurriculars, and student intervention + support
Career + post-secondary exploration with Roadtrip Nation

Research-Backed Lessons with Little to No Prep

9th grade
Belonging 3: Action

Students learn to use their strengths and interests to cultivate belonging in their school community and the wider world.

10th grade
Purpose 1: Self

Students reflect on their personal values, motivations, and habits to collaboratively explore what it means to live lives of purpose.

11th grade
Purpose 2: Community

Students develop leadership skills to learn about and engage with their communities in personally significant ways.

12th grade
Purpose 3: Action

Students prepare for life beyond high school as they explore post-secondary options and hone skills to lead meaningful and successful lives.

10th - 12th GRADE
Purposeful Leadership High School Course

Engage your 10th-12th grade students in a leadership course designed to help them discover their unique strengths to make a meaningful impact on their community.

Make Data-Driven Decisions With Our Powerful Assessment Suite

Monitor ongoing student wellness
Measure student growth across our six CASEL-aligned skills 
View student data at the individual, class, grade, and site level
Deliver timely + effective instruction or interventions with our data-driven recommendations
Counselor Dashboard

Support Every Tier of Intervention in One Platform

Make MTSS simple, responsive, and effective with Wayfinder’s all-in-one platform. Between our comprehensive assessment suite and specially designed, research-backed resources for Tier 1 instruction and Tier 2 + 3 interventions, educators and counselors can easily assess students’ skills, respond with targeted instruction, and monitor their growth.

Tier 1

Universal supports

tier 2

Small group intervention

tier 3

1-on-1 intervention


Works With What Your High School is Already Using

Wayfinder supports a range of Single Sign-On (SSO) options, including automated rostering with Clever. It integrates with popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Blackboard, Schoology, Canvas, Google Classroom, and more.

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Learn how Wayfinder's flexible products and curriculum can support your school or district.

Wayfinder Brings Purpose + Meaning to All Parts of the Day

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Pre-Packaged Advisory Curriculum
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Core Classes
English, Health, Math
Create a Wayfinder Class
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Theory of Knowledge
For IB Schools
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Support + Intervention
Counseling, MTSS, Student Wellness Centers
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College + Career Prep
Career + Leadership Development