One-Stop-Shop For Your District-Wide SEL Needs

Our K-12 solution gives your students the skills they need to navigate life successfully – in school and beyond.

One Comprehensive Solution For Districts
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Wayfinder for districts is completely digital and totally adaptable—save time while prioritizing the skillsets that matter most to your school community.
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Our weekly assessment provides a quick view to see where students are excelling, and areas they may need extra support with.
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Training & Professional Development
Our flexible, expert-led training options strengthen educator buy-in right from the start.

Wayfinder Strengthens Your District In Key Areas

Founded at the Stanford, Wayfinder was built upon leading research showing that students who experience belonging and purpose are better able to thrive in and out of school. Our full K-12 program delivers all the tools you need to easily integrate lifelong skill sets in the classroom while positively impacting areas that matter.
Wayfinder’s curriculum has been proven to increase students sense of belonging. Students feeling like they belong supports engagement and positive peer-to-peer relationships, as well as contribute to school connectedness, which reduces the need for behavioral interventions.
On average, SEL programming results in an 11-percentile-point gain in academic achievement. In addition, students that experience belonging and purpose have improved academic self-efficacy and self-regulation.
Life Readiness
The way to set our young people up for success is to teach them durable, future-ready skills. Wayfinder’s research-backed Core Skills go beyond typical SEL competencies to incorporate meaning-making, critical thinking, and future-ready skills in order to connect classroom learning to the real world.
If you’re looking for the right SEL solution to bring to your district, we’d love to walk you through your unique options.
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Adaptive Learning: Curriculum + Assessment
Wayfinder at the district-level is designed for administrators, teachers, and students to succeed using two important tools: a weekly check-in system and robust activity library. Get regular insights into student well-being, then follow up with supportive activities backed by research. No heavy lifting required.
Activity Library
Wayfinder Activity Library
500+ adaptable plug-and-play activities
Easy-to-use filters help you find the right activity in seconds 
Integrates within any class to enhance learning
Focused on movement, reflection and experiential learning
Prep in 0-5 minutes + run-time can fit any schedule
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Waypoints™ Weekly Student Check-in
Ask students 5 simple questions each week that align with most important learning pillars
Track student progress over time with our easy-to-use dashboard
Get crucial information + follow up with students in need
Automatically recommends activities from the Library based on student insights
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Explore Our K-12 Program Overview

Get a quick overview on what our program has to offer, see our core skills, and more.
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Training + Implementation That Adapts To Your District’s Needs

Tailored In-person or virtual training that fits your unique district
Year-round support from experienced Account Managers dedicated to your success
On-demand tech support for our digital products
Continuous professional development throughout the year
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"Wayfinder’s research-based activities and engaging professional development sessions in our district create collaborative adult-learning spaces which foster greater connection, increased creativity, and enhanced self-compassion."
Heather Lageman
Executive Director, Department of Organizational Development & Leadership
Baltimore County Public Schools
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Explore our combined K-12 solutions
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Take Action on High School Student Insights
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Transform + Strengthen Your School’s Culture
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Prepare students for what’s next—at school and beyond.