High School

Wayfinder High School Curriculum

Designed to teach students  durable, future-ready skills they need to develop lives of meaning and purpose.

Wayfinder High School Curriculum
Builds Purposeful Lives

Purpose is the desire to accomplish something that’s fulfilling and meaningful to you that also improves the world around you. Wayfinder’s high school SEL + Durable, Future-Ready Skills curriculum prepares students to tackle life’s challenges with intention and purpose.
Wayfinder High School Students Are Prepared for the Future


Increase in key measures of Purpose


Could name their strengths and connect them to real life


More likely to feel confident about their futures

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Building Connections and Boosting Confidence in the Classroom

Watch this 2-minute video from our partners at Bronx Envision Academy and see how implementing Wayfinder created a positive impact in their school community.

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Two Easy-to-Use Solutions for High School SEL
Whether you have 5 minutes a week or a dedicated advisory class, our effective SEL solutions will support your students' mental and emotional well-being.
Wayfinder Essentials
A lightweight solution for schools with 5-10 minutes each week for SEL
1000+ adaptable plug-and-play activities to support social-emotional growth
Completely digital experience to support all types of access
Lessons are backed by research + designed to be fun and engaging
Expert training and wraparound support for smooth implementation
Wayfinder Core
A comprehensive solution for schools with 30 minutes+ each week for SEL
4 unique years of sequenced curriculum for high school
5-minute prep timefor simplified implementation
Includes the easy to use student assessment tool - Waypoints™
Expert training and wraparound support for smooth implementation
Wayfinder Core: At A Glance
9th Grade
Proactively Building Belonging in Our Lives
This curriculum supports students to recognize how they can use their character, strengths, and interests to create belonging in their school community and the wider world. 
10th Grade Committing to Our Personal Growth
This curriculum supports students to understand what they need to lead lives of purpose by engaging them in meaningful reflection on their own values, motivations, and habits.
11th Grade Discovering Our Impact and Influence
This curriculum supports students to develop and utilize leadership skills to find ways to meaningfully engage with their communities.
12th Grade
Finding Meaning Through Contribution
This curriculum supports students to prepare for life beyond high school by equipping them with the concrete tools they need to lead a meaningful and successful life.

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Photo of Pamela Davis
“Wayfinder’s Purpose curriculum was the missing link my students needed to connect their school work to the real world.”
Pamela Davis
Makerspace Facilitator
Richland 2 School District (South Carolina)

You’re Covered with Our Comprehensive Training

New to SEL or looking to enhance your program to better meet the needs of your students and staff? We’ve got you covered:

Expert-led support for every school partner
World-class training for seamless implementation
24/7 technical support while onboarding
Year-round professional development
1:1 or group coaching + feedback sessions
So much more
“The biggest problem growing up today is not actually stress; it’s meaninglessness.”
Bill Damon Headshot
Dr. Bill Damon
Stanford Center on Adolescence

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