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Wayfinder gives your students the skills they need to navigate life successfully – in school and beyond. Try out 6 full-length activities for K-12 students by filling out the form below.

Activities Designed For Students to Thrive

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Integrate Lifelong Skill Sets In Any Class

The Wayfinder Activity Library has 1000+ plug-and-play activities designed to increase energy, engagement, and community in any classroom. Focused on movement, reflection, and experiential learning our activities prep in less than 5 minutes.
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Powerful Support Your Students

Founded at the Stanford, Wayfinder was built upon leading research showing that students who experience belonging and purpose are better able to thrive in and out of school.

Wayfinder is designed for administrators, teachers, and students to succeed using two important tools: a weekly check-in system and robust activity library. Get regular insights into student well-being, then follow up with supportive activities backed by research. No heavy lifting required.
Wayfinder Delivers In Key Areas:
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Gives students the tools to lead lives of purpose + belonging at school + beyond
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Prepares students for life after high school with lessons focused on college and career readiness
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Teaches students critical life skills like making good decisions + building healthy self-confidence
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Take Action on High School Student Insights
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Transform + Strengthen Your School’s Culture
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Prepare students for what’s next—at school and beyond.