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Equipping Your Child with the Durable Skills They Need for the 21st Century

Learn about how Wayfinder is being used at school, review curriculum samples, and access activities you can use with your child at home.

Get to Know Wayfinder

Watch this short video to learn more about our mission to help children develop the skills they need to thrive in school and beyond. Learn more in the welcome letter below.

student experiencing purpose
“I’ve seen a real change in my child since our school began using Wayfinder. She’s more flexible, more resilient, and she has a clear vision of what she wants to do when she graduates.”
Wayfinder Parent
An infographic showing Wayfinder's six CASEL-aligned core skills: self-awareness, adaptability, empathy, collaboration, agency, and purpose

Wayfinder Focuses on the Durable Skills Needed for Long-term Success

Employers are telling us that students need more than technical skills to succeed in today's world. Success requires relational and critical thinking skills that enable individuals to navigate obstacles, build resiliency, and collaborate with others.

Curriculum Themes and Samples
Our program includes a wide range of engaging and age-appropriate lessons designed to help students develop key skills. We incorporate fun activities such as games, group discussions, and creative writing exercises to keep students motivated. Explore the sample activities below to better understand what your child is learning in our program.
K–2nd Grade
Managing Feelings + Acting with Kindness
Active lessons and exciting toolkits give young learners practice managing feelings and being kind to others
3rd–5th Grade
Building Confidence + Resiliency
Students build independence, understand themselves, and support each other by exploring what is meaningful to them
6th-8th Grade
Exploring Strengths + Cultivating a Sense of Community
Our cutting-edge curriculum is designed to help students explore their talents and interests while considering their impact on others
9th-12th Grade
Setting Goals + Acting With Purpose
Develop the future-ready skills needed to make purposeful decisions and approach post-secondary life with confidence


Learn more about the work Wayfinder is doing and its positive impact on mental health, employability, and long-term success in school and beyond.
Putting SEL to Work: Moving the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Purpose
Learn how and why educators are shifting their focus to SEL to help boost student mental health and employability skills.
What Research Says About Wayfinder’s 6 Core Skills and Employability
Wayfinder structures our curriculum to support preventative student mental health, employability skills, and long-term success.
Wayfinder’s Asset-Based Approach to Curriculum Design Supports Student Mental Health
Using the latest research, Wayfinder offers curriculum that provides students well-being support and employability skills they need to thrive.

“Wayfinder helps your child build the durable skills they need to be successful in the classroom, in their career, and throughout their adult lives."

Quinae Jackson
Quinae Jackson
Director of Training & Learning