An Intuitive SEL Assessment Tool for Better Visibility on Student Well-Being

Get Insights on How Students Are Doing in 6 Key Areas + Support Them with the Right SEL Activities

Waypoints Works for Districts and Schools of Any Size
Our expertly designed insight questions make it easy for teachers and administrators to check in with students each week. Available for grades 6-12.
6 CASEL-aligned questions tap into student well-being each week
Easily deliver the right support to students based on Waypoints insights
Engage students in fun SEL activities that fit any schedule

Actionable Insights Now Possible with the Waypoints™ SEL Student Assessment Tool

Our intuitive SEL assessment tool organizes student insights in one easy-to-use place — the Wayfinder app. View insights for students, classrooms, and schools with beautifully designed graphs.
“Wayfinder is teaching the durable skills students need to survive and thrive in the 21st century.”
Daniel Keever
Chief Operating Officer
Williamsburg-James City County Schools, Virginia

500+ SEL Extensions in the Wayfinder Activity Library

Waypoints pairs with our Activity Library to make student support seamless. Get recommended activities to support students based on insights from Waypoints, or supplement your classroom with hundreds of activities filtered by run time, grade level, learning style, and more.

Download Sample SEL Activities to Try With Your Students Today

See for yourself just how flexible our SEL activities are for any school schedule.
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