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Aaron Sokol

Chief Revenue Officer
Aaron Sokol

Aaron started working in education almost 20 years ago, when he helped start a small public school in East Oakland called Think College Now. TCN takes a unique approach to graduation planning, helping inspire students to build confidence and excitement about life outside of school and work towards big goals with lots of guidance and support. From there, Aaron started working with dozens of schools all over the OUSD as a school coach, and then served as technology program manager and district-wide budget director for the OUSD central office. While working his way through an MBA at UC Berkeley, Aaron moved on to consulting nationwide on large-scale district redesign projects. After grad school, Aaron helped start a successful education data display company called K12 Report, and then joined the technology startup Clever, where he led early K12 growth and then built the nationwide marketing, outreach, and partnerships teams. Aaron then joined the career center technology company Handshake, where he led the nationwide marketing, outreach, and partnerships teams. Aaron met Patrick back in 2018 at an education technology conference in the Bay Area, and has been working with the fantastic team at Project Wayfinder ever since.

Outside of work, Aaron loves to go running, biking, fishing, and camping with good friends and family.

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