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Alie Kelley

Senior Partner Success Manager
Alie Kelley

Alie is dedicated to innovating and implementing solutions that remove barriers, open doors, and empower individuals to create lives of fulfillment. She is driven to create a world that is more just and equitable for all.

Alie has over 10 years of education and social impact start-up experience.  She started her career as a special education teacher in a Title I school in the Bay Area and later became a school founder, coach, and researcher working at both traditional public and charter schools.  Throughout her time working in schools, Alie was guided by one question:  What are the systems, processes, instructional practices, and curriculum that help all students thrive?  Alie believes answering this question is essential to helping students grow into curious and confident young adults equipped to lead purposeful lives.  

Alie believes in the power of public-private partnerships to build up our students, schools and communities to achieve this goal.  The desire to have outside organizations support the powerful work of schools led her to the social impact start-up world.  As an early team member at Bay Area start-up Landed, Alie helped support teachers and school staff around the country to obtain financial security through education and homeownership.   During her time at Landed, she became an expert at designing systems and processes that allowed the organization to scale and broaden their impact.  Alie also has spent time as a non-profit consultant, education consultant, and graduate school of education program supervisor.    

Alie holds a  Masters of Education from Loyola Marymount and Bachelors of Arts from Stanford University in Science, Technology and Society and Psychology.  

Outside of her day jobs, Alie is a certified yoga instructor, outdoor enthusiast, curious traveler and most importantly, proud mom.

“My purpose is to create systems and environments in which others feel seen and empowered to use their unique skills to make a positive impact.”

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