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Angela Bennett

Senior Product Support Manager
Angela Bennett

Angela is dedicated to helping teachers, students, and staff members pursue purpose and academic excellence by providing professional and accessible technical support.

Most of Angela’s formal education has taken place overseas, which has served her well in her work. Her international perspective helps her break through barriers to reach common ground. And her cross-cultural upbringing has also shown her that people, no matter what background they come from, have a better quality of life when they understand their purpose.

After over a decade and a half living abroad, Angela moved to California, where she attended California Baptist University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. As a college student, Angela cultivated relationships that encouraged real conversations as a Resident Advisor. She was also promoted to Lead Intern at the International Admissions Center, where she worked for four years to engage with international students and guide them through the process of pursuing purposeful education. Upon graduation, Angela was awarded the Outstanding Student Award for Computer Science, and continued to become a Data Quality Supervisor before shifting paths to Information Technology.

In her work at Wayfinder, Angela fuses her passion for purpose-driven education with her I.T. skills to solve technical problems. In her spare time, Angela loves to compose music, play volleyball, soccer, and board games, and, occasionally, listen to her husband monologue about philosophy.

“My purpose is to cultivate relationships that build people up, and my desire is for all people to lead lives infused with purpose, commitment, and passion.”

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