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David Badillo

Director of School Partnerships
David Badillo

David began his professional career as a New York City public school teacher serving middle school students in Queens, NY.  David holds a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from St. John’s University. As the son of a retired early childhood educator, he is inspired by his mother’s commitment to serving the most marginalized communities through the power of education. After completing his third year of teaching, David transitioned from the classroom to the education business sector with a focus on consultative sales within both the private and non-profit sectors.

Over the past 10 years, specializing in expanding impactful programming to schools and districts across the country,  David has served as Director of Partnerships with some of the most respected national education non-profits in the country such as Playworks and Eye to Eye National. He sees his ability to communicate vision and value to school leaders within the K12 environment as his superpower, and experiences great fulfillment knowing that with every school partnership secured, more students will be receiving the help and support they need, further closing the equity gaps that exist in our country's education system.

In his free time, David enjoys spending time with his wife and four children, investing his energy as a dad and husband are priorities that serve as the foundation for his daily motivation to impact the world.  Along with serving his family, David can also be found behind the pulpit on the weekends as he serves his local community as a volunteer lead pastor for a church which he and his wife founded together.

“My purpose is to be an ambassador for integrity and compassion. In a world of vast differences and social trauma, healing needs to be birthed from a place of deep and sincere empathy. As I make my contribution to the world, I hope to reflect this through the life I lead and live.”

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