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Edith Gutierrez-Hawbaker

Creative Director
Edith Gutierrez-Hawbaker

Edith Gutierrez-Hawbaker is an award-winning creative director and art educator specializing in the design of inclusive visual storytelling experiences. She creates bold, beautiful designs that elevate brands, embody positivity, and champion diversity. With over fifteen years of experience art directing for national brands like Hearst Magazines and Meredith Corporation and leading the 2021 Year rebrand of Moravian University alongside Pentagram Design, Edith is driven by purpose, focused on empowering communities, and brings her passion for life to every aspect of her work.

Prior to her role as a creative director, Edith was an art educator who developed standards-based, interdisciplinary art lessons that fostered lifelong learning. She centered her classroom around differentiated instruction strategies and multicultural art lessons that fostered creativity, critical thinking, and student leadership.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Edith is a first-generation American and college student. Edith holds a BFA in Graphic Design from FIT, a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Montclair State University, and a Diversity and Inclusion Certification from Cornell University. Edith is the recipient of awards from the Society of Publication Designers and American Society of Business Publication Editors, two national awards for editorial excellence.

In addition to her work, Edith volunteers with mentoring programs, by sitting on creative advisory boards, and leaning into her passion for social justice. All her volunteering work in the service of strengthening and advancing Latinx communities and arts initiatives to promote equity, access, and inclusivity. Edith also gives back to Latinx communities through a successful art collective, Te Lo Juro Collective.

Edith spends her free time with her family riding moto, snowboarding, and getting out in nature to explore. 

"My purpose is to create inclusive visual storytelling experiences that uplift our communities, inspire positivity, and spread awareness through design."

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