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Erin Barker, M.Ed.

Sales Development Representative
Erin Barker, M.Ed.

Erin’s passion for education and youth developed within her own life experiences. During her high school years, Erin discovered by working with a tutor/mentor that she had a unique style of learning. Once she learned the best methods of study for her to succeed in school, she had a strong desire to help others do the same. 

The influential discovery of her personal learning style led Erin to pursue her dream of working in education. She earned a Master’s in Elementary Education from DePaul University and went on to teach for seven years in Chicago. During her time in the classroom, she taught grades one, four, and eight, leading students on a path of confidence and success by guiding them to discover their highest potential.

Presented with an opportunity to support fellow educators, Erin later transitioned to an education sales role. Intimately acquainted with the demands teachers face, she loved being able to help other educators by making something like selecting the right curriculum one fewer difficult decision to make.    

Although Erin loved her work, she made the best decision at the time for her family, which was to stay home and take care of her two kiddos. During her adventure as a stay-at-home mom, Erin continued teaching on a part-time basis, this time with adults in Bootcamp and Strength classes at local gyms. Her teaching experience also supported her to homeschool her children for preschool and kindergarten during the first year and a half of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Erin is now thrilled to be working as a Sales Development Representative with Wayfinder and to be lending her expertise to an organization that focuses on leading students on a path to self-discovery. As a member of Wayfinder, she has come full circle on her original intentions for working with youth, helping students find their own uniqueness and using it for the benefit of their future.

“My purpose is to help educators lead students to find and accept their own uniqueness and to use it to their benefit in a future of purpose and belonging.”

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