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Mariana Garza

Nairobi, Kenya
Mariana Garza

Mariana started her journey in education by going back to her beloved High School, returning as both a spiritual growth retreat facilitator and teacher leader on various week-long mission trips. Grounded in a belief about the power of safe spaces, Mariana later became a High School advisor and an academic teacher. She has been working in education for over 15 years. While being a high school language teacher and an advisor to students G9-12 has been the core of her professional life, Mariana has also had the privilege of teaching Spanish to adults and elementary students. After becoming a mother, she also became a parent educator for the Positive Discipline Association, and has been facilitating workshops for teachers and parents for over 6 years. Born and raised in Mexico, she has worked in Finland, Poland, Chile and Kenya. Each of these cultures has profoundly impacted the person and the educator that Mariana is.

Mariana currently teaches the Wayfinder curriculum in her position at the International School of Kenya, and has experienced first hand how the program fosters engaging conversations, deep reflections and leads to impactful change. She also is working with the team to make the Wayfinder app content available in Spanish.

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