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Mark Williams

Curriculum + Training Designer
Mark Williams

Mark Williams (he/him) is a father, an elementary educator, a mindfulness student-practitioner-teacher, musician, and community gardener. He uses classroom teaching, storytelling, music making, and food growing as his way to work toward his goal of being a kinder neighbor.

He has spent his career learning from and teaching children—in classrooms, on playgrounds, in afterschool programs, at summer camps, on wilderness trips, in urban gardens, and in a Haitian orphanage. He finds the greatest joy in creating and protecting equitable and empathetic spaces for children to have the safety, freedom, and joy to explore and learn from the world in the fullest expression of who they are. And he knows that sometimes the safest space a child needs help creating and protecting is the landscape of their mind.

He holds an M.Ed. in Mindfulness Education from Antioch University New England and a B.A. in Elementary Education from Wheaton College.

“My purpose is to cultivate creativity, curiosity, and kindness in the hearts and minds of children–the young and the young at heart.”

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