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Meagan Johnson

Education Marketing Manager
Meagan Johnson

Meagan is a former educator with a passion for equipping the future generation with the knowledge and skills to live fulfilling and purposeful lives. 

Meagan fell in love with teaching during her years as an environmental educator. While she always knew that she would be a classroom teacher, she started her career in sales and marketing for SaaS companies to explore an alternative career path. After some successful years in the corporate world, Meagan dove back into the classroom as an elementary school teacher in Colorado. It was in the classroom that she found a passion for social-emotional learning and experienced firsthand how these skills aren’t just important but necessary in the development of the whole child. Her years as an educator solidified her belief in supporting students socially and emotionally to improve academic outcomes. 

Although Meagan made the choice to leave the classroom, she stayed in education via the edtech industry, where she combined her passion for education with her love of creative marketing. Prior to joining Wayfinder, she worked for Encyclopaedia Britannica, marketing their K-12 digital solutions to schools in the US and abroad. 

Meagan earned a BA in Communication from the University of Maryland and an MA in Elementary Education from Relay Graduate School of Education. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, training for triathlons, and traveling with her husband and two dogs in their camper van.

“My purpose is to help the next generation find their own purpose and feel as though they have the tools to live a successful, fulfilling life.”

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