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Patty Santos

VP, HR + Ops
Patty Santos

Patty is a former technical recruiter and long-time leader in Human Resources and Operations, with a focus on people-forward strategies that drive balance between businesses and employees. As VP of HR and Operations at Wayfinder, she is no stranger to the world of quickly-growing tech startups.

After immigrating to the US from the Philippines, Patty completed her studies in Fresno, California before heading to San Francisco to join the startup tech movement. There, she gradually found her niche providing effective change management in scaling companies with a hyperfocus on balancing operational compliances with employee experiences. 

In 2013, Patty relocated to Los Angeles, where she currently lives, and continued her growth in People Operations, joining the rankings of tech giants like Honey (now a PayPal company) and Ring (now an Amazon company). Hungry for a role more deeply aligned with her purpose, Patty recently transitioned out of big tech and into full-time consulting with mission- and community-oriented companies—until February, 2022, when she serendipitously found the perfect fit at Wayfinder.

When Patty isn’t problem-solving in People Operations, she’s most often found enjoying the day outdoors with her family and new puppy Magpie, or in the gym training as an active Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor. Coming out of a pandemic-induced hiatus like everyone else, she’s quietly working on securing a world title this competition season.

"My purpose is to empower people to find lives of fulfillment and balance both at work and at play."

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