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Skylar Bantley

San Francisco, CA
Skylar Bantley

Skylar believes that in order to fulfill human potential, every person must feel empowered to explore their deepest questions. She is building her career in non-traditional education at the intersection of student experience, systems design, and facilitation. Her current work is rooted in the investigation, “How might we create embodied learning environments that incentivize experimentation?”

Like many students she works with, Skylar’s typical public school upbringing led her to become an “excellent sheep.” After graduating in the top 1% of her class, she was selected for the inaugural cohort of the International Business Education Alliance (IBEA) at the University of South Carolina. Despite the global exposure and on the fast track for a successful career in management consulting, she was disengaged. One question would not leave her mind: “How might an educational environment support the true exploration of purpose?”

Ultimately, Skylar dropped out and sought another path forward. She set out to create what she thought was missing from education: the space, relationships, and tools necessary for critical and embodied thinking. Her journey with non-traditional education began as part of the first cohort of a college alternative called MissionU, where she supported the development of the Stanford-inspired “Success by Design” and “Interpersonal Lab” classes.

She then went on to help build four innovative education organizations. She ran admissions at YearOn, then replicated these systems for Make School. At Project Wayfinder, she led outreach and operations efforts to scale the purpose movement. Now, Skylar makes upskilling more accessible at Pathstream through program operations and one-on-one career coaching.

“I step into life with purpose by meeting myself, others, and the world with acceptance so that we can explore our deepest questions with brave experimentation.”

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