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Summer Sinsigalli

Director of Partnerships
Summer Sinsigalli

Whether it be waiting tables, managing the implementation and logistics of study abroad programs in Central America, or leading a partnerships team to victory, Summer has always gravitated toward roles centered around human connection. She strives to create spaces where people feel empowered to be curious, joyful, and growth-oriented. 

Before joining Wayfinder, Summer worked directly with schools and districts to equip them with tools to make every student successful, gaining years of experience and expertise in education technology. 

Summer graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Sociology and Philosophy, specializing in social justice. When not working, you can find her swimming in the ocean, at the nearest farmers market, or prepping dinner for her Survivor watch parties.

My purpose is to create spaces where people feel seen, celebrated, and open to riding this wave we call life with openness and gratitude.

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