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Tracey Milhouse

Senior Conference and Events Manager
Tracey Milhouse

Tracey began her career as an Education Coordinator for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in New York City. From there, she spent 15 years in finance, becoming the Vice President of Conferences and Events for the Bank of New York Mellon. As VP, Tracey managed a team of 10 event managers and coordinators all over the globe, including the US, South America, Singapore, and London. She built strategic partnerships with clients, internal partners, vendors, and C-level executives for superb execution of conferences and events.    

After a short stint at home focusing on family, Tracey entered the EdTech Industry, where she had roles as an event marketer for some of the leading K-12 curriculum providers, ultimately leading her to Wayfinder, joining the team as the Senior Conference and Events Manager. 

In Tracey’s spare time, she is a mother, grandmother, and loving partner. She’s an avid reader who also enjoys cooking, growing her eyeglass business, and serving as an active community member.

"My purpose is to empower individuals and communities through the transformative forces of education and collaboration. By providing access to knowledge, fostering inclusive learning environments, and promoting teamwork, we can unlock the full potential of individuals and enable them to contribute meaningfully to their communities and the world.

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