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Tristan Love

Director of Learning + Engagement
Tristan Love

Tristan Love is passionate about making school a safe and supportive place to learn, grow and develop. This passion is rooted in Tristan's experience as an "at-risk" student and his experiences in a nurturing school while he experienced several traumatic events.

Tristan obtained his Bachelor of Science from Wiley College in Biology with a Chemistry minor on a scholarship from Denzel Washington. After college, Tristan began his educational journey as a high school science teacher and Teach for America Corps member in Houston. Tristan's "whole student" approach to teaching played an instrumental role in increasing student achievement, student morale, and appreciation for science. As an administrator at the same school, Tristan assisted the school in breaking a long streak of underperformance, as well as a decrease in severe discipline infractions, and recidivism in alternative school placements. Afterward, Tristan helped the district create and oversee a districtwide Disciplinary Alternative Educational Program (DAEP) that supported more than 50 high schools.

Before joining Wayfinder, Tristan was a principal of a middle school in Colorado Springs. As a principal, Tristan continued his work in making school a safe and supportive place for students to learn, grow, and develop.

Tristan's journey and work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, RoadTrip Nation, and several other news outlets.

“My purpose is to serve my family and community so that we can continue to break negative generational cycles and expand opportunities for future generations.”

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