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Tygue Luecke

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Tygue Luecke

Tygue has been a writer, maker, and writing instructor for over a decade. After years of dabbling in science and fashion at UCLA, he found his place in the English department among the writing tutors. He taught ESL in Japan for two years, and then earned a Master’s in Education from UC Berkeley’s Multicultural Urban Secondary English program.

During his first year teaching CAHSEE prep at Oakland International High School, Tygue researched and wrote his master’s thesis on the disconnect between standardized testing and project-based learning practices. He stayed on at Oakland International High for another five years as a 12th grade Academic Literacy and English (writing) teacher, an Advisor, a Team Leader, and the school’s LGTQ+ liaison to Oakland Unified School District. Though no longer in the classroom, Tygue remains passionate about just and equitable education for immigrant, refugee, and LGBTQIA-identified youth.

Tygue’s writing has been featured in multiple education blogs, and his designs and photography have appeared in the pages of People and Elle Magazine.

“My purpose is to create and to encourage others to do the same.”

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