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Wayfinder Middle School SEL Curriculum

Build Confidence + Community with Our Middle School Social and Emotional Learning Solutions

Wayfinder Middle School SEL Curriculum Creates Belonging + Community

Belonging is foundational to forming healthy relationships and living a purposeful life. Wayfinder’s middle school curriculum supports students to explore their identities and build compassionate relationships with themselves, their communities, and the wider world.
Wayfinder Middle School Students Are:
Better able to manage feelings of stress
More likely to have high self-esteem
Better able to connect with their peers
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See Our Middle School SEL Curriculum in Action

Watch the full 3-minute video to see how one innovative principal implemented Wayfinder SEL with incredible results.

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Two Easy-to-Use Solutions for Middle School SEL
Whether you have 5 minutes a week or a dedicated advisory class, our effective SEL solutions will support your students' mental and emotional well-being.
Wayfinder Essentials
A lightweight solution for schools with 5-10 minutes each week for SEL
500+ adaptable plug-and-play activities to support social-emotional growth
Completely digital experience to support all types of access
Lessons are backed by research + designed to be fun and engaging
Expert training and wraparound support for smooth implementation
Wayfinder Core
A comprehensive solution for schools with 30-50 minutes+ each week for SEL
4 unique years of sequenced curriculum for high school
5-minute prep times for simplified implementation
Includes the easy to use student assessment tool - Waypoints™
Expert training and wraparound support for smooth implementation

Waypoints™ Student Assessment Tool for Middle School Students

No more guessing how your students are doing. With Waypoints, you can easily check in on student mental + emotional well-being with our student assessment tool.
You’re Covered with Our Comprehensive Training

New to SEL or looking to enhance your SEL program to better meet the needs of your students and staff? We’ve got you covered.

Our expert team is here to connect you with world-class training, and make implementation a breeze.

“The biggest problem growing up today is not actually stress; it’s meaninglessness.”
Dr. Bill Damon
Stanford Center on Adolescence
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