Wayfinder White Paper

An Opportune Moment

We can solve the mental health crisis in young people with stimulus bill funds and existing SEL and mental health solutions

Why We Wrote This White Paper

This white paper was produced in the fervent hope that our education system will blossom from adversity, and reimagine itself as an all-embracing support system for children, youth, and young adults. As we present the best solutions our expertise has to offer, we ask you to be open to new possibilities that could shift educational practice and structures and improve outcomes for millions of students.

In times like these, we acknowledge the great challenge that accompanies urgency of action. Our hope is that this work eases the pressure of decisions yet to be made, and provides concrete ideas for moving forward—along with a touch of inspiration in this moment of uncertainty.
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student experiencing purpose

We are at a critical moment in the state of education and mental health in the United States. 

Educators and policymakers now face fundamental decisions with the potential to transform what schools can be for this generation—and all that follow.