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Putting SEL to Work:  Preparing Purposeful Students for the Future

How to prepare students for an uncertain future with SEL and Future-Ready Skills focused on adaptability, agency, and purpose.

Getting Students Ready for the Future

Co-authored by Wayfinder and Roadtrip Nation, the Putting SEL To Work white paper examines what industry and research tell us will be critical, durable skills for the future and applies it to our classrooms.

With a foreword by V. Scott H. Solberg, PhD of Boston University’s Coalition for Career Development Center.
“Finding purpose and establishing future goals are key elements associated with becoming career ready.”
V. Scott H. Solberg
PhD of Boston University's Coalition for Career Development Center
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student experiencing purpose

Preparing Students for What Comes Next

To prepare students for the future that lies ahead of them, schools not only need SEL, but they need SEL in action. With the critical addition of purpose learning, schools can support students to learn more readily and develop future-ready skills they need to thrive.
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