Putting SEL to Work: Moving Through COVID-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution With Purpose

5 Jan

For the first time since World War II, a powerful force impacted the entire world simultaneously. No one was untouched by COVID-19, and we witnessed the institutions that we depend on struggle to rise to the occasion. In addition to an unprecedented interruption in academic education, we’ve also seen a mounting crisis in the mental health of students that schools remain unequipped to address.

Simultaneously, we find ourselves entering a new era of industry—the Fourth Industrial Revolution—in which technology will continue to rapidly transform the way we work. Keeping pace with technological advancements is not the main responsibility of our school systems, nor should schools take up that task. Schools already face monumental tasks: addressing learning loss, supporting student well-being, and preparing students with 21st century skills for a fast-changing future.

But empowering school systems to meet and surmount these challenges is possible.

SEL Helps Students Build Skills Employers Looks For

For decades, social–emotional learning (SEL) has offered schools a framework to help students cultivate critical skills needed for success in life that are not explicitly covered in core academic subjects. However, the dual disruptions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and COVID-19 have necessitated—and created—a once-in-a-generation opportunity. 

It’s time to revamp SEL by infusing it with action-oriented purpose learning and teach students what industry and research tell us will be critical, durable skills for the future. 

In short, it’s time to put SEL to work.

Download our full white paper Putting SEL to Work here to learn more about how SEL and Wayfinder are helping students thrive personally, achieve academically, and build the skills employers are looking for.