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Katie Barr

Director of Education + Innovation
Katie Barr

Katie is a passionate educator whose goal is to connect content to the real world, helping young people find their passion for learning and a path to their futures.

Before joining Project Wayfinder, Katie was a principal of a comprehensive high school in Northern California.  During her tenure, the school re-envisioned their approach to teaching and learning and developed a five year strategic plan that focused on student engagement.  She created and piloted a school wide career development curriculum that was adopted by numerous high schools in Sonoma County.  

Prior to returning to site administration in 2016, Katie was the Director of the Northern California Pathway Trust that aligned K-12 and postsecondary systems with local industry.  Her interest in career technical education led to the creation of the first career pathway hub, which allowed K-12, postsecondary and industry partners to collaborate and create pathways for students that led to students engaging with industry and living wage jobs post graduation.

In 2015 Katie was asked to be a member of the Practioners Advisory Board which helped the California State School Board create the current public school dashboard.  In addition to public school education, Katie was the founder of the Patrick McCurdy Education Foundation in 2004, a rural school based mentoring program in Lane County, Oregon.  The program grew under her leadership to include three school districts, over 300 volunteer mentors and family resource centers that supported families’ housing, medical, and parenting needs.

“My vision is for students to be the drivers of their education and find connection and meaning to their learning.”

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