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Kelsey Lonon

Curriculum Copy Editor
 Kelsey Lonon

Kelsey has worked with K-12 youth since 2012 in after school programs and classrooms as an SEL mentor, tutor, and teacher. As an SEL mentor, Kelsey coached young people in developing social emotional learning skills and in the process discovered her passion for instilling in others self-empowerment and self-belief. Through several frustrating experiences working in schools and seeing students autopilot through their educational experience, Kelsey realized that what enraged her was another passion: education that prioritizes creating and providing meaningful learning experiences for students. This became part of her purpose in continuing her education in Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration in Creative, Gifted, and Talented Studies to create curriculums that matter and challenge learners.

Alongside these experiences, Kelsey has proofread and copyedited various works for colleagues, artists, and business owners since 2016. Having a strong foundation and natural inclination toward the keen skills required in this field and through the consistent encouragement of loyal clients, Kelsey discovered her passion for helping others by providing excellence in written communication, and she launched her proofreading business in 2021. Now, Kelsey applies these three passions of SEL, curriculum and instruction, and copyediting into her role as the Curriculum Copy Editor.

Kelsey earned a Master of Science degree in Education in Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration in Creative, Gifted, & Talented Studies from Purdue University in 2022 and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Georgia State University in 2014.

"I am purposed to encourage, equip, and serve others as I walk with them through their life journey to help them discover, grow, and thrive in their purpose on this earth."

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